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The list of Nikola Tesla's patents is truly impressive. During his life, Nikola Tesla obtained more than 300 patents worldwide. His patents cover a wide range of technologies and devices, from electrical systems and motors to radio technology, telecommunications, and wireless energy transmission.

Tesla registered 112 patents in the United States, and 196 patents were registered in other countries. The number of registered patents may be even higher. After the U.S., Nikola Tesla registered the most patents in France (30), the United Kingdom (29), Belgium (27), Germany (21), Italy (19), and Austria (15). Some registrations relate to the same invention, as the patent's validity is limited to the country where it was registered.

Nikola Tesla did not patent all of his inventions. Some of his applications were rejected, and he prepared some patent applications but never filed them. Moreover, a considerable number of his inventions were not even attempted to be patented. According to some sources, the actual number of Tesla's inventions and innovations is about 800.

Tesla's first patent was filed on March 30, 1885, and it was granted on February 9, 1886. It was the Electric-Arc Lamp patent. The most significant number of patents were filed between 1886 and 1900, the most productive period of his life.

Difficulties for Tesla began with the construction of the Wardenclyffe Tower in 1901 and the conflicts with the investor J.P. Morgan. The project failed, and Tesla fell into debt, which he never recovered. The lack of funds for research also affected the number of patents he filed in the following years. From 1902 there was a pause in patent applications, and the next patent was not filed until 1909.

He filed his last patent application on October 4, 1927, and it was registered on January 3, 1928. It was for the "Apparatus for Aerial Transportation."

Some of Tesla's most famous patents are:

Alternating Current (AC)

He patented the AC system that allowed efficient transmission of electrical energy over long distances. This patent was critical to the electrification of the world.

Induction motor

Tesla patented several induction motor versions, revolutionizing the industry and forming the basis for modern electric motors.

Tesla coil

He patented the Tesla Coil, a transformer that enabled high-voltage alternating currents and high-voltage research.

Wireless Energy Transmission

Although he did not patent a specific device for wireless power transmission, Tesla developed the concept and system that could enable wireless power transmission.

Radio technology

Tesla contributed to the development of radio technology, and his patent for a wireless telegraphy system was recognized in the United States in 1943, after Tesla's death.

Despite numerous inventions, Tesla struggled financially and often could not earn the revenue he deserved from his patents. After his death, many of his inventions became crucial to the development of modern technology, and his legacy became a memorable part of the history of science and technology.

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No. 1,061,206. Patented May. 6, 1913.

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