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We have started the project of creating a map on which all important historical sites from Nikola Tesla's life will be marked. Also on the map, we want to mark all locations that are currently associated with Nikola, such as monuments, schools, museums, and streets named after him. Do you know of such locations in your city or state? Help us create a map: send us the location, description, and photos if you have them. We will be happy to add those locations to the map. Contact us at

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Smiljan – birthplace of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla Street in Varaždin

First School of Technical Sciences Tesla

The tallest sculpture of Nikola Tesla in the world

Technical Museum Nikola Tesla in Zagreb

Memorial center „Nikola Tesla“ Smiljan

Varaždin - Tesla loved wines from Varaždin

Statue of Nikola Tesla in front of his birth house

Nikola Tesla Museum

Belgrade Nikola Tesla International Airport

The New Yorker hotel

Bryant Park

Nikola Tesla Corner

Wardenclyffe Tower

Adams Power Plant Transformer House

Nikola Tesla Monument, Queen Victoria Park, Canada

Nikola Tesla Monument, Goat Island, Niagara Falls, New York

Nikola Tesla in the Croatian Walk of Fame

Statue of Nikola Tesla ( By Ivan Meštrović)

Tesla's Monument in Belgrade (By Frano Kršinić)

Tesla's Bust in Belgrade

Tesla's Bust in Novi Sad

Tesla's Monument in Pirot

Monument to Nikola Tesla (Baku)

Nikola Tesla Statue in Shoreham

Tesla's Statue in Palo Alto, California

Tesla Coil in New Zealand

Tesla's Bust at The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing

Tesla's Monument in Prague

Tesla Science Center

Tesla Experimental Station

Nikola Tesla Experience Center

Wax sculpture

Nikola Tesla Monument, town Ceboksari, Russia

TESLA New Generation – Zagreb

Tesla's Smart Bar – Zagreb

Tesla Pub – Sarajevo

Tesla Lounge Bar – Novi Sad


Nikola Tesla Cafe - Istanbul

TESLA Coffee & Concept - Vienna

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