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TESLA WALK ZAGREB - Tesla Tour Croatia

Ivana Knežević
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With Tesla Tour Croatia take a walk with one of the greatest inventors and a timeless idol of humanity - Nikola Tesla.

Discover the unusual and very inspiring life story of the great inventor and visionary Nikola Tesla, the man often called "The father of modern mankind" and "The master of lightning". Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of prosperity and advanced ideas that have made the city of Zagreb a unique urban and cultural pearl. 
Meet a man whose love for humanity is equal to the genius of his inventions. Call us and dive into one of the most unique minds of history.
- by Tesla Tour Croatia



MEETING PLACE: Ban J. Jelačić Square, east side near the Tourist Info Center (TIC)

Contact them and book your tour:

Mobile: +385 (0)91-4167-080
Web site: www.teslatourcroatia.com
Facebook or Instagram: @teslatourcroatia



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