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Opening soon - Nikola Tesla Experience Center

Ivana Knežević
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Tesla, the renowned inventor, was born in the Croatian village of Smiljan and later moved to Karlovac at the age of 14 to attend high school at the Higher Real Gymnasium. Now, thanks to a 2 million euro investment in a dilapidated building adjacent to Tesla's old school, a new complex called the Nikola Tesla - Experience Centre Karlovac is set to rise, as reported by CROATIAWEEK.




The project will involve restoring the old building and constructing a new three-story building that will showcase the life of Nikola Tesla, from his humble beginnings in Smiljan and his time in Gospić and Karlovac, to his eventual journey to New York. The centre will display items that Tesla worked with during his time at school in Karlovac, including his original school certificate, which are over 150 years old. The centre aims to serve as a museum, a student center, and a tourist attraction for the city.

The experience centre will boast various amenities, such as a classroom, a multifunctional hall, a futuristic café for ordering drinks, an amphitheater, a nine-meter-long art installation showcasing Tesla's ideas, and an exhibition hall, among others.




The conceptual design and visual identity for the centre were created by Pop-Art and Real Group, companies based in Zagreb, who were also responsible for the exhibition "Tesla - Mind from the Future." The project was presented at Karlovac Gymnasium, where Tesla received his only formal education in life.

"The documentation for the project is valued at half a million kuna, with most of the funds donated by the Ministry of Regional Development and EU funds. We are confident that we will receive additional EU funds for the construction of this unique centre dedicated to the genius of Nikola Tesla," said Martina Furdek-Hajdin from Karlovac City.


Find the location of the Nikola Tesla Experience Center on our TESLA MAP.



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