Nikola Tesla's dream: Free energy for all -
Nikola Tesla's dream: Free energy for all

Nikola Tesla's dream: Free energy for all


There have been many great scientists who have contributed to humanity. The most famous scientists who changed the world are Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Louis Pasteur, Michael Faraday, James Clerk Maxwell, Johannes Kepler, and Marie Curie. This list is only complete with the great Nikola Tesla, the man who lit up the world. Nikola Tesla created the foundation for the technological development of humankind. 

Tesla differs from many other scientists in his effort to have his inventions serve humanity without making a profit. His attempt to provide humanity with free electricity harmed his life and career. He was not interested in profit and had no business sense. Nikola Tesla wanted to provide free electrical energy to humanity. Can you imagine a world where energy is free and available to everyone?


Nikola Tesla had a valuable contract with the Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company, guaranteeing him enormous sums of money. Thanks to this contract, he could be one of the wealthiest men of his time.

When Tesla learned that his contract was too burdensome for the company and that the banks would take it over, he tore it up without hesitation to ensure that his patents continued to be used and contribute to the community. To him, this was more important than money. Thanks to Tesla, George Westinghouse, and his company survived the financial crisis. Five years later, the hydroelectric power plant at Niagara Falls was put into operation. It was a joint success of Tesla and Westinghouse. 


In my opinion, Tesla made a mistake when he gave up all the rights he had under that contract. He could have negotiated a much smaller amount for himself, but it would still have been enough to fund his research for a lifetime. However, this step of his revealed the true Nikola Tesla, a selfless man who was ready to sacrifice everything for the betterment of humanity.


Tesla often emphasized that his inventions had the potential to improve people's quality of life. He was interested in spreading the benefits of electrical engineering to the general population, not just for profit. Tesla dreamed of creating a system of free energy accessible to everyone and often prioritized the welfare of humanity over personal interests. Tesla believed that a vast amount of electrical energy is dispersed in the Earth's atmosphere and that every household could use this energy in the future using an antenna.

In 1901, with the support of financier J.P. Morgan, Tesla began the construction of the Wardenclyffe Tower on Long Island, also known as the Tesla Tower. It was a 57-meter-tall radio transmitter and experimental station. Tesla convinced J.P. Morgan that the tower would be a superior radio transmitter for sending messages across the Atlantic. However, Tesla had bigger plans and believed that the tower could be used to transmit electrical energy wirelessly.



Unfortunately, the partnership between Tesla and J.P. Morgan was not successful. J.P. Morgan discontinued further funding for the tower, partly out of fear that free electrical energy would jeopardize his business interests.

Based on what is known about Tesla's idea for making Wardenclyffe Tower work, experts say Tesla's vision would have failed to work in practice. However, Tesla did not document much of his work on paper and had an incredible ability to visualize ideas and solve complex problems in his head. We can be sure that Tesla was able to learn from mistakes and apply new knowledge.

The Wardenclyffe Tower was supposed to be the pinnacle of Nikola Tesla's career. But the project failed, and the tower was demolished in 1917, leaving Tesla in debt. This failure changed his life forever. Although he continued to research and had minor successes, he was unable to repeat his golden years. The failure of the Wardenclyffe project was a loss for Tesla and humanity, as this brilliant inventor was left without the means and conditions for further research. Let's look at Tesla's list of inventions and patents. During his life, Nikola Tesla obtained more than 300 patents worldwide. We can be sure that he could have given humanity many more inventions if he had had the opportunity.

Tesla lived the last years of his life lonely, forgotten, and poor. What an injustice to a man who did so much for mankind.


I believe the next few decades will show that Tesla was on the right track and that we can generate electrical energy from the environment. We will probably discover new ways to generate electrical energy. One example is the research by engineers at UMass Amherst, who have successfully extracted abundant clean energy from thin air. [Link to the article]

Tesla was a pioneer in electrical engineering and invented or contributed to the development of many revolutionary technologies that changed the world. His most famous inventions include the alternating current system (AC), the induction motor, the Tesla coil, wireless power transmission, and radio technology. His innovations enabled worldwide electrification and laid the foundation for many modern technologies we use today.


Tesla had an extraordinary vision of the future and was ahead of his time. He predicted and promoted wireless communications, wireless power transmission, electric vehicles, smart devices, and many other technologies that were not realized until many years later. His ideas and visions continue to inspire and shape the development of today's technologies.

Tesla was an exceptionally charismatic and unconventional figure. His passion, sharp intellect, and eccentricity captured the public's attention. His experiments, stories about his visions, and legends of his achievements created a mystery and fascination around him.



It is not easy to become a world-famous scientist if you come from a small and remote place in the area of the Croatian Military Frontier. Military Frontier was located along the border with the Ottoman Empire to defend the Austrian Empire and Europe against Turkish conquests. It was a war zone for centuries. Tesla was born in 1856 in Smiljan, a small village in Lika, in present-day Croatia. Croatia was then part of the Austrian Empire, a European scientific and economic powerhouse. Although he spent his childhood far from the grand cities of the Austrian Empire like Vienna, Budapest, or Zagreb, quality education was available even in smaller places like Gospić and Karlovac, where Tesla completed primary and secondary school. Tesla became interested in electricity under the influence of his high school physics teacher, Martin Sekulić. Later, he had the opportunity to study at the Imperial-Royal Technical College in Graz, where lectures on electricity presented by Professor Jakob Pöschl greatly influenced him.


It was not easy for him as an immigrant coming to America. In 1884, he began working for Thomas Edison, who promised him a great reward if he improved his machines. The persistent Tesla worked hard for months and completed the task, but Edison did not pay him the prize. Instead, he told Tesla that it was all a joke and that he did not understand American humor. Tesla quit his job and still had to continue to fend for himself. At one point, he worked as a ditch digger for $2 a day to survive.


Tesla succeeded because his talent and intelligence were so great that he was destined to do great things despite all the obstacles he encountered in life.

Despite being relatively neglected during his lifetime, Tesla became immensely popular and respected after his death. His legacy and contributions to science and technology are valued and acknowledged by many people worldwide. Numerous organizations, museums, and institutions are dedicated to researching and promoting Tesla's legacy.



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